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Coffee brewing tips

  1. Fresh is best – always look for the roasted date which we stamp on every bag of coffee. Avoid coffee with a best before or use by date as that doesn’t tell you how old the coffee is.
  2. Buy small quantities of coffee so that you can drink it at it’s peak flavour. Around 5 to 21 days after roasting is a good time to aim for.
  3. Store the coffee in a cool, dark, dry place.
  4. Grind the coffee fresh, just before you brew it. This will give your coffee more flavour and body than pre-ground coffee.
  5. The coffee that you enjoy is personal to you – experiment with the type of coffee beans and the grind size to find the flavour that you prefer.

Singlefile’s bespoke coffee story

Stash Coffee’s story is intertwined with that of Singlefile Wines. The co-founders of both businesses are Phil and Viv Snowden, the owners of the Singlefile Wines property, who moved to Denmark and started producing excellent cool climate wines in 2008. Their son-in-law Patrick Corbett soon joined them by taking on the role of CEO and their younger daughter Pam Corbett stepped into the business as well. When the Snowden’s elder daughter Nina Bradshaw moved to Denmark with her family, the family branched out into creating a specialty coffee roasting business with Nina’s husband, Brad Bradshaw as the roaster.

Nina Bradshaw

Daughter of Singlefile’s Viv and Phil, Nina turned to artisan coffee roasting after her family moved to Denmark


What is coffee cupping?

SCAA_FlavorWheel.01.18.15-212x300There are well over 800 aromatic compounds in coffee (while perhaps 200 aromatic compounds in wine in comparison) and it can be rewarding to take some time to experience a coffee cupping. Cupping is a method of evaluating coffee beans and roasts, and it is useful at every stage of coffee production,from the farm to the roastery to the café. Learning how to cup coffee will enrich your coffee drinking experiences and help you appreciate your coffee more.


The Green Pantry opens in Denmark

Denmark’s long standing and much loved Health Shop moved to bigger and brighter premises late last year, and has gone from strength to strength, selling everything from organic wholefoods and local produce to organic essentials for a healthy body, home and mind. Successfully selling Stash Nitro Cold Brew on tap over the last summer, more recently excitement has been building as renovations took place in the empty cafe next door to the Heath Shop.

The Green Pantry cafe opened last week. An all day menu of healthy and delicious meals, including gluten free, paleo and vegan options, and a bespoke blend of organic specialty coffee roasted fresh and with love and precision at the Stash Roastery, The Green Pantry is a cafe that should not be missed when you visit Denmark.

The Green Pantry

A roast with a difference

We had a lovely time hosting the journalist Heather McNeill at our roastery late last year and she has written a lovely article about her visit. You can read it here.
If you would like to tour our facility, taste some of our coffees and hang out with us for a while, do come along to our free Roastery Open Day on March 11th as part of Taste Great Southern 2018. We’ll be joined by some of our friends such as Denmark Gelato and there will be activities to keep the kids happy too.

Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition

The Golden Bean is the world’s largest coffee roaster competition and conference. This competition endeavours to find Australia’s best coffee roasting business with coffees being judged as espresso, milk and filter beverages. Entering for the second year, we were delighted to come away with three bronze medals – one in each of the categories. Our Pretty Things blend achieved a medal in the milk category, while Heroes blend was sucessful in the espresso category and our newest single origin, Ethiopia Kochere was successful in the filter category.  All of these coffees are available on our website or come and try them with us at one of our events over summer – coming up first is the Denmark Arts Market on December 9th.

Pretty Things is our Silver Medal Winning Blend

Now available on our website, Pretty Things is one rockin’ blend. It scored a sweet silver medal in the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) 2017, in the milk-based espresso category. The AICA is the first and only international coffee roasting competition in Australia and received more than 800 entries. Brad our roaster says “Pretty Things is designed to taste best with milk. It is great as an espresso or with a filter brewing method.”



Taste Great Southern 2017

The epic Great Southern food, wine and coffee festival, Taste Great Southern, is approaching and we’re excited to be holding a series of workshops at our Roastery this year.

Encompassing everything from coffee roasting and cupping through espresso and brewing, these four workshops are going to be a lot of fun.

We’ll be opening up our Roastery to visitors, sharing our love for all things coffee and even playing our favourite vinyl records for you.

If you’d like more info and for tickets available through Eventbrite check out the links: Espresso (sold out), Everything But EspressoRoastingCurated Cupping.

Billed as the world’s biggest coffee roaster competition, the Golden Bean 2016 was held last month in Port Macquarie. Amongst the hundreds of entries we were delighted that Brad’s roasting skills were awarded in two categories – Pour Over Filter and Decaf. Brad refuses to roast specially for competitions but for the first time agreed to enter three of his production roasts in the competition. Receiving the two awards therefore is validation of his unwavering committment to make every batch of coffee roasted by Stash meet his high standards.

10 Ways to Brew Great Coffee at Home

Australians love to drink milk-based espressos, such as lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos. In fact, 93% of coffee consumed outside the home is a milk-based espresso. However alternative brewing methods are starting to be seen more and more in cafes around Australia – both due to customer demand and due to roasters tailoring the blend and roasting style to non-espresso methods.

With so many different ways to brew great coffee, is it time to experiment with the coffee you are drinking? Perhaps you are keen to learn some new skills and taste some new flavours? From the ubiquitous French Press to the sexy Syphon, we’ve collated some useful instructions so you can tune up your coffee brewing skills, impress your mates and maybe be inspired to try something new.  You could go all out and train for the World Aeropress Competition!  There are even a few techniques that you may not have heard about (sock coffee anyone?).