Fortnightly Single Origin Espresso Subscription

From: $24.00 every 2 weeks

Every fortnight we choose a one of our favourite single origin coffees and roast it to an espresso profile, then send it out to our subscribers. You can choose to receive 250g, 500g or 1kg of this coffee each fortnight. The coffees will vary throughout the year depending on what is in season and in stock in our roastery. You’ll enjoy a variety of origins all roasted with care and suitable for espresso brewing.



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If you regularly brew coffee at home or work, our fortnightly coffee subscription will make it easy to enjoy great coffee everyday The price includes delivery, coffee is delivered to you when you need it and you can be sure that it is always fresh and delicious. We can grind it to suit your brewing method too.


How much coffee should you order?

Customise your fortnightly subscription to suit the number of coffees that you brew:

If you brew one coffee a day then choose a 250 gram bag – which typically allows you to make 12 espresso double shots.

A coffee-a-day couple might prefer 500g (500 grams will make 25 double shots).

1kg will make 50 double shots which might suit a small office (or an all-day every-day caffeine addict and we know plenty of those!).

If you want to pause or cancel your subscription you can email us, plus you can login to your Subscriptions account at any time to adjust or cancel it.


How does the payment and delivery work?

Your credit card will be charged automatically each time an order is due to be roasted. We roast on Mondays. On Tuesdays we cup every batch that we have roasted, to make sure that each roast meets our stringent quality requirements, and then we pack up our orders and head to the post office. Because we are in a regional area we use Australia Post – we’ll send your order by Parcel Post so expect delivery in 2-3 days to Perth and 4-6 days outside of WA.

Please note: We alternate roasting single origin for espresso with single origin for filter each week. After you place your order we’ll be in touch to confirm the starting date of your fortnightly subscription, or you can get in touch with us beforehand if you prefer.

More questions?

We’d love to hear from you and help you out if possible. Check out the contact page to send an email or give us a call.